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    Why You Should Consider Real Estate Investing In Your Twenties

    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | December 24, 2020

    If there were just one rule of successful investing it would be “start as young as you can.” Although we frequently hear this advice as it pertains to the stock market, there are a lot of reasons to consider real estate investing in your twenties, too. Real estate can be a great investment if you... Read More

    19 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Today

    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | December 18, 2020

    There are lots of reasons why you might want to invest in real estate. It might seem like a pipe dream and out of reach for “normal people.” Many think that they have to be a savvy investor with tons of money — but, with some common sense and research, it’s pretty accessible, even for beginners.... Read More

    Best Areas to Invest in Boise, Idaho

    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | December 11, 2020

    There is little debate about the fact that real estate investing has produced innumerable millionaires over the many years. In fact, at least 30 U.S. billionaires made their money through real estate. Recently, Boise, Idaho has begun attracting the attention of property investors. According to a 2016 U.S. Census Bureau, the state is receiving a net... Read More

    5 Simple Graphs That Prove This Is Not Like the Last Time

    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | May 18, 2020

    There’s a lot of evidence showing that today’s housing market is nothing like it was during the last recession. Let’s connect to talk about your questions and specific needs. Read More

    Three Reasons Why This Is Not a Housing Crisis

    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | May 18, 2020

    In times of uncertainty, one of the best things we can do to ease our fears is to educate ourselves with research, facts, and data. Digging into past experiences by reviewing historical trends and understanding the peaks and valleys of what’s come before us is one of the many ways we can confidently evaluate any... Read More


    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | May 4, 2020

    The most important decision you will make is where to price your property. Pricing at fair market value will attract more buyers, and having more buyers typically results in a higher purchase price. Overpricing results in a longer market time and, more than likely, a lower price. Historically, your first offer is usually your best... Read More


    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | May 4, 2020

    The savviest marketing plan is one that targets the channels buyers are already using to find properties. From optimized internet exposure to networking with local agents, we’ll work diligently to find your buyer as fast and efficiently as possible. To reach the buyers who search online, we market every property in four key places: Broker... Read More


    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | April 23, 2020

      A TEAM OF SPECIALISTS like ours, brings together people which excel in each task to support you from listing through closing.   NOBODY DOES MORE TO GET YOUR PROPERTY SOLD   Our company averages 1 property sold every 10 hours. We also have a dedicated marketing specialists to maximize your exposure online and national... Read More

    Real Estate With A Purpose

    By Minegar Gamble Real Estate | April 23, 2020

    A real estate experience with us is different. You, as our client, are the center of everything we do. We focus on practices that will deliver results when helping you to achieve your real estate goals. Our proven strategies will get your property sold in the best timeframe, for the best price with as little... Read More

    Happy Halloween!

    By Dana Browning | October 31, 2019

    Read More